It’s a Mystery!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “It’s a mystery to me how God could be in this situation?”

Well the Apostle Paul did the same thing! He likened Gods plan to a mystery too, albeit not the same exact way. It’s difficult to understand how God is working in your life and the world sometimes that’s for sure. However, don’t put God in a box and try to pretend you know how He would work in any given situation. Wouldn’t it only make sense if there is a God and He has a plan you wouldn’t know what it is – at least not all of it!?

The religious leaders in Jesus’ day thought they had God figured out. They thought they knew exactly how God could and should work in the world. They did so much that when God did show up on the scene – and it wasn’t the way they planned – they completely missed Him. He was right in front of their face and they missed Him.

Lets not let that happen to us. Let’s recognize that God is HUGE and so far beyond our imagination. And…His ways are so far above our ways.

Tomorrow at Hope City Church we are going to talk about an amazing God – A God who is so Big and incredible, it’s a mystery how and why He uses us the way He does. Come check us out and maybe leave with a little different understanding of who God is and how He might be working in your life.

We meet at Beck Elementary School 54600 Hayes Rd Macomb, MI 48042 on Sunday’s at 10am

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