Discipleship Journey
HOPE CITY exists to turn spiritually lost individuals into gospel saturated followers of Jesus. The CITY PATH is designed as a catalyst to give you clear direction within a very organic journey of discipleship. We have found that discipleship for many people consists of several different studies, groups and devotionals simultaneously resulting in a shallower understanding of scripture and the gospel. The CITY PATH is a recommended organic journey that focuses on particular aspects of the gospel and scripture for an extended period of time individually and as a group.

While there are a number of different studies, groups and opportunities throughout the year at HOPE CITY, we highly recommend that once you begin attending Sunday Worship you first connect in a Community Group.


The CITY PATH begins through worship and teaching on Sunday morning. Our Sunday messages focus on unpacking and teaching scripture in a way that the transforming truths of the gospel can be applied to your life in meaningful and life changing ways.


Community Groups are made up of 6-12 people (co-ed) and exist for you to connect with others at HOPE CITY and dig deeper into scripture with the intention of applying the transforming truths of the gospel to your life. Focused on the scripture and topic of the previous Sunday message, Community Groups give you an opportunity to ask questions about the teaching and learn more about how it applies to your everyday life and everyday circles. There’s no better way to dig deeper into the teaching of Jesus than through a community of people pursuing the same outcome – to be gospel saturated followers of Jesus.


Discipleship groups are made up of 3-5 men or women and are a natural outworking of community groups and individuals pursuing a deeper relationship with Jesus. At some point a disciple should be gathering with other men or other women in smaller groups to connect on a more relational level.


A gospel saturated follower of Jesus is not a consumer. They are contributors. God calls us in order to form us and send us. Therefore, as we become disciples we intentionally engage God’s world with the gospel and multiply. In other words, as we are poured into, we pour into others what has been freely given to us. We do that through giving, serving, teaching and leading others.