Additional Resources

We are committed to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Below are resources to help you along your journey. To download a particular document, click on the links!

Bible Reading and Prayer

Pray First Personal Prayer Guide

One Year Bible Reading Plan

Online ESV Bible

ESV Bible App for iPhone


Relationships and Conflict 

Conflict Field Guide

Having Difficult Conversations


Community Group Resources

Community Group Core Values Study


Serving and Spiritual Gifting

Spiritual Gift Assessment 


Resource Recommendations for Historical Resurrection 

The Resurrection of the Son of God (Large Book) – N.T Wright

The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus (Medium Book) – Gary Habermas

The Case for Easter (Small Book) – Lee Strobel

Historical Evidence for the Resurrection (Article) – Matt Perman

Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead (Video Lecture) – N.T Wright at Roanoke College